Publication Manager’s notes 

Dear Reader,

Within these pages you’ll find a grouping of creative and critical explorations that delve into a variety of realms including cultural duality, gender and ethnic stereotyping, class navigation, rural-urban dichotomy, fragmented notions of home, as well as Canadian history and art criticism. Even before this collection of work was compiled, it was clear that this magazine would need a name that was inclusive of all matter of perspectives; so, how does the title POINT. serve this purpose?

Consider for a moment, that each and every life in this world is a line propelled into space by different influences, environments, circumstances, abilities, ideas, and dreams. In this mess of difference, I imagine that it is quite rare to find any two life-lines that run parallel. It is much more likely that amongst the jumble, life-lines intersect where similar experiences or feelings meet. POINT. Magazine is named after this very space of convergence.

The POINT. that connects the diverse sets of work within this magazine is both Canadian and contemporary. Here, emerging artists and writers present their lived experiences shaped by this country, and also criticize aspects of its past. POINT. Magazine operates as a platform to frame, distribute and value the work as well as perspectives of ten young artists and writers who are based in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, and above all, Canada.

As you turn the pages of this publication I encourage you to think about the POINT.s at which your life-line intersects with the perspectives and explorations that are compiled here.

Thank you very much for your support and happy reading.


Meghan Hunter-Gauthier, Publication Manager

Editor’s Notes

I am so happy, thrilled, and excited to introduce POINT. magazine! As editor, it gives me great pleasure to see this project come to life, as we have all been working hard on this project for the past four months. It was Meghan Hunter-Gauthier who first shared the idea for a publication concentrating on pluralism in Canadian art one day in our Arts Administrative class, which quickly became a group of eight women eager to sink our teeth into an opportunity to make something we all believed in. To have ignited such diverse and creative discourse from artists and writers from the country is outstanding, and we are all so proud of what we have accomplished. The eight of us here at POINT. were drawn to Meghan’s idea, and to see what it has become and to see what happens next is incredibly exciting to say the least. The artists and writers featured in POINT. have been chosen because each and every one of them has illustrated what it means to connect art, culture, and diversity brilliantly and truthfully. It is an honour to have these artists included, and we are so pleased to have these individuals come along with us on this journey. POINT. focuses on content that matters to all Canadians, and we hope that you, our wonderful supporters and readers, will appreciate and admire the art and words we have selected.

Meaghan Collins, Editor